Interested in supporting the work of St. Luke as a medical volunteer? We are currently seeking surgeons, emergency room physicians, critical care physicians, nursing educators, and paramedics.  Visit our volunteer interest form to get in touch.

The St. Luke Mission Programs include direct service and medical care to over 60,000 patients per year. These patients are seen through a coordinated network of two hospitals, two maternity clinics, two mobile disaster response units, as well as street level psychological care, outreach and social service.

In addition to providing emergency care equipped with CT Scan and digital x-ray, St. Luke’s Hospital includes a high level ICU and surgery center developed in close coordination with our partners at the Mayo Clinic. And we’re excited to announce the expansion of these facilities through 2016 thanks in part to USAID.

In addition to our hospital, St. Luke has other community based health programs, such St Mary’s Hospital, Star of the Sea located in Cite Soleil, an area notorious as one of the “worst slums of the western hemisphere.” Our St Luke team aims to help the people of Cite Soleil change this oft-uttered phrase by working together to create an example of what is possible. We work hand in hand with the local community in these supposedly forbidden areas, building hospitals, maternity clinics, housing, job opportunities, and hope. To that end, we have a Women’s and Family Health Clinic in Wharf Jermie, and the Kay o Bwa Nutrition Center in Tabarre to expand our reach.

Manitane Women’s Health Center provides counseling, pre- and post-natal care, access to vitamins, nutrition support, vaccinations, and referrals throughout St. Luke’s network to more than 3,000 mothers each year.

When cholera struck the nation in late 2010 our mobile disaster units responded immediately in the provinces, setting up clinics and saving lives. Since then we have seen over 20,000 cholera patients in our on site center.