Who We Are


The St. Luke Foundation for Haiti is a 100% Haitian-run non-profit organization, providing education, medical care and dignified humanitarian outreach in places that have been under-served by traditional service providers. We believe that by following a shared vision for the future, we can walk hand-in-hand towards a more prosperous and independent Haiti. Our programs, run by highly skilled and trained Haitian leaders, save lives and create opportunity. The St. Luke Foundation for Haiti reaches more than 90,000 people per year through life-giving programs that employ over 1000 Haitian staff. Father Rick Frechette, an American priest and doctor, started the work of the St. Luke mission in collaboration with an inspired group of young Haitian leaders, who, together, saw a different path forward for their country.

Our Team Includes:

  • Haitian Leadership: Each one of our programs is led by a Haitian professional. Our many international friends and partners are here to humbly serve the vision of these extraordinary individuals and leaders. > Learn more.
  • Advisory Council: A collection of friends who donate their personal and professional skills and talents to support and encourage the vision of our Haitian leadership. > Learn more.
  • Ambassadors: Trusted friends who have a real knowledge of the programs, our on-the-ground leadership and our mission. These ambassadors have been given the blessing of the Foundation Administration to talk to other potential supporters, friends and donors. > Learn more.
  • Partners: Healthcare and educational institutions who provide expertise and training to strengthen our programs. > Learn more.


Founded in 2001, the St Luke Programs grew out of the programs of Nos Petits Freres et Soeurs, which Father Frechette started over 25 years ago. As the young people of NPFS programs grew into adulthood they sought to create a completely organic and native organization whose goal would be to propel change and progress in Haiti. This initiative became the St. Luke Foundation for Haiti.  While the St. Luke Foundation for Haiti is a separate entity, there is a great deal of collaboration and shared vision and leadership between St. Luke and NPFS Programs.  Between the two programs we provide education to over 10,000 students annually, medical care to over 200,000 annually and employment to over 1,800 permanent staff. We at the Foundation are grateful to benefit from long term support and friendship from our international partners at the Francesca Rava Foundation (NPH Italia) and Our Little Brothers and Sisters Europe.


Providing education, medical care and dignified humanitarian outreach to the least served populations of Haiti.


Helping Haitian leaders as they create lasting solutions for a stronger and more independent Haiti. Download a detailed fact sheet.