Our educational programs serve thousands of students through a network of primary schools, a secondary school, a professional school, and an online university. The next generation of Haitian leaders is being formed as we speak, and there is no limit to what these young people can accomplish with education.


As the Medical Mission of the St Luke Programs was beginning in and around Cite Soleil, a new program began to emerge. While the sick were being seen by medical staff, the St Luke team began to organize informal classes for the children in these underserved communities. Over the course of several years, these informal classes turned into high functioning, state accredited schools. With one practical and focused step at a time, our educational program began to grow, one community at a time. The St Luke School System now includes twenty-eight schools serving 11,000 students ranging from elementary up to high school and professional school.

The majority of the 28 primary schools are located in the most challenging and least served areas of Port au Prince, while several have been opened in the provinces of Haiti, including Les Cayes, Jeremie, and Fonds des Blanc. The students who graduate from our Port au Prince area primary schools also have the opportunity to attend our trailblazing secondary school, the Academy for Peace and Justice.

This school is funded by our partners Artists for Peace and Justice and is managed and directed by the St Luke School Committee. We continue to build structural capacity at this school, which will serve 3,000 students by 2016.

After high school, our students, along with some in the local community, can apply to attend our new Professional School (pictured to the bottom right), St Francis de Assisi, which has courses in Nursing, Telecommunications, and Electrician Work with Solar Specialization. Eventually this school will serve 175 students, providing training in high level work with a focus on internships and on the job training.